Purolex brand-name expands rapidly in European and Middle East markets

UAB Chemsys registered brand-names Purolex and Manganox have more and more recognition among OEM companies.
Together with Kaunas Technology University (KTU) after long tests it was improved specification of universal media Purolex Ultramix and Purolex Ultramix Plus. To reach the maximum result, from now these medias are produced only with Purolite ion-exchange resins (cationic and anionic), other components inside these medias were improved or changed too. Ultramix removes from water not only hardeness (Ca, Mg), but also iron, manganeese and organics.
Cationic resin Purolex PRC107E competes successfully with other resins from DOW, Purolite, Buyer, Indion because of it’s best ratio of quality and price. Quality is approved by plenty of OEM companies. Without doubt, Purolex is the most popular cationic resin in domestic and commercial softening filters and has the biggest market share in Baltic countries.
At present it is possible constantly to buy Purolex ion-exchange resins in Lithuania and from UB Chemsys distributor’s warehouses in Russia, Ukraine, Byalarussia, Latvia, Estonia, Kaliningrad, Poland, Croatia, Greece, UAE.
More info about cationic resin Purolex PRC107E here

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