UAB Chemsys took participation in exhibition AquaTerm 2017, Kiev (Ukraine)

Within 30th, May till 3d, June UAB Chemsys took participation in exhibition AquaTerm, Kiev together with partner company Osmos Komplekt. Ukraine is one of strategic markets, which takes about 7% in total turnover of UAB Chemsys.

Osmos Komplekt is long-term partner in Ukrainian market. Company constantly increases their network of clients, selling components to wide dealer’s network and assembling water treatment equipment for big and medium size end-users in Ukraine and Moldova. Osmos Komplekt within very short time can quickly make design and assemble de-ironing, softening, RO, UV, UF equipment from components, delivered by UAB Chemsys.

In 2017 political and economical situation in Ukrainian market is much better, then in 2015 or 2016. This fact allows to Osmos Komplekt increase their sales more, then 40% this year. The bigger market share effects bigger sales of UAB Chemsys in Ukraine and Moldova.

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