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About Manganox

MANGANOX is a high rate, granular filter media used for removing hydrogen sulphide, iron and manganese com-pounds from water supplies. MANGANOX operates both as a classical filter working with an oxidant and as a cata-lytic media due to its ability to accelerate the reaction be-tween the oxidizing agent and any prevalent dissolved oxy-gen with sulphide, iron and manganese present. Dissolved iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide will stay in solu-tion unless the equilibrium is changed. Iron and manga-nese that is not oxidized become catalytically precipitated and then adsorbed directly on the media. MANGANOX is a very dense media that stops oxidized (precipitated) forms of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide from passing through the bed. Most of the manganese is removed rapid-ly in the first few inches of the media where it is further oxi-dized to manganese dioxide. The adsorbed manganese, iron and precipitated sulphur are expelled during back-wash. Any insoluble ferric hydroxide particulate growths are expelled during backwash. The media must be proper-ly backwashed to break loose and remove the filtered con-taminants and precipitated iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide.

Proper system sizing of the control valve and tank are nec-essary to sustain media performance.

A continuous reaction occurs with the addition of an oxi-dant, regenerating the media surface and replenishing the MANGANOX. For difficult applications, MANGANOX filters can be enhanced with aeration, chlorination, or ozone. Be-cause of MANGANOX’s naturally high manganese dioxide content, it provides a higher adsorption capacity than other media. A MANGANOX filter is recommended before sof-teners to protect the ion exchange resin from fouling.


• Removal of Iron up to 10 ppm
• Removal of Manganese up to 5 ppm
• Removal of Hydrogen Sulphide (rotten egg smell) up to 3 ppm
• Not recommended for Iron Bacteria and Manganese bacteria removal
• Not recommended for tannin and organics removal

Download Manganox technical specification.

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