Why WTC Pressure Tanks?

• Higher Testing Standards and Requirements.
• More safer and high quality material: Food Grade, HDPE Liner.
• More Choice: over 120 sizes from 0517 to 6386.
• More Packing methods: single box, large box and pallet packing.
• Longer Warranty: 10 years for residential tanks and 5 years for commercial and industrial tanks.
• Lower Price and Faster delivery time.


Operation Pressure 150 psi (10.5 Bar)
Operation Temperature 1-50°C (34-122°F)
Max Vacuum 140 mm Hg
Min exposed Temperature -30°C (-22°F)


• Pressure tanks are made of high performance Composite material with Fiber glass filament winding.
• All pressure tanks are 100% rustproof and corrosion resistant.
• All thread inlet made from 30% glass filled PP provides higher strength, temperature and pressure limits.
• Water contact parts are made by Food-Grade materials.


Benefits of WTC Reverse Osmosis vessels

• New original innovative design of end-caps
• Extra layers of composite provide the additional protection against hydraulic shock
• Before the shipment each vessel is tested 3-times bigger pressure then nominal
• All product components are made exclusively of high-quality materials from the leading European suppliers
• Any color of pressure vessel on clients’ demand


• The shortest shipment time in Europe of Side-port vessels — any type of side-port vessels within 5 working days from order date
• Constant availability on stock all main types — 2.5″, 4″ up to 3 elements and 8″ end-port vessels up to 6 elements.
• Possibility to make shipments of RO vessels together with other products, which are in warehouse of UAB Chemsys