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Chemsys – Your best business partner

We are the leading wholesaler of water treatment components and water treatment chemicals.

UAB “Chemsys” was founded in December 2006.

Large Warehouse

UAB Chemsys from a warehouse of more than 2 000m2 makes prompt shipments of Structural and Canature composite housings for filters, salt tanks and cabinet-type softeners, membranes, reverse osmosis housings.

Partners Worldwide

Today, we carry out direct container deliveries of components for water treatment from well-known world manufacturers. Our range includes control valves from: Clack, Canature, Fleck, RunXin, JKMatic companies.

Well Established Brands

A variety of filter materials: Desotec, Inversand, Purolite, Kremer, as well as products under our own brands - Purolex, Manganox, GranCarbon, Terramix, FilterIN.

Customer Support

We guarantee - the best prices, the shortest delivery times, stock availability and quality service. For new customers, we offer exclusive conditions, technical and financial support.

CEO of UAB Chemsys, Tomas Jankauskas:

“30 years in water treatment business allowed me to have strong relationships with all main components producers in USA, Europe or China. So, the best available purchase prices let the company to be very competitive in costs. As well, long cooperation with banks and other financial institutions allows to keep big warehouse range and quantities to make urgent shipment of necessary components to all over the world.”