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Canature Group proudly presents that Chemsys UAB is TOP 10 PARTNER in 2020!

We’re excited to announce that we are TOP 10 partners in 2020 of Canature Group!

Since year 2018 Chemsys each year have about 50% growth, purchasing from Canature.


Canature is large water treatment products manufacturer in China.

       Manufacturing covers an area of 73300 square meters.

       Over 1000 full-time employees.

       Large production capacity: Over 300,000 sets whole set softeners and filters, 1,000,000 pcs pressure tanks, and going to achieve.

       1,000,000 pcs control valves, 1,000,000pcs RO system and 10, 000,000pcs cartridges in next few years.

       High Speed and Stable developing company.

       The 1st public company in Chinese water treatment industry.

“One Stop Purchase” Manufacturer

       Full Line Core components “pressure tanks”, “control valves” and “brine tanks” manufacturer.

       Residential and commercial water softener and water filter manufacturer.

       High quality Reverse Osmosis system and RO membrane, cartridge manufacturer.

       Offer Customized OEM and ODM service, plenty products line meet different requirements.

       Related products sourcing service to help you save time and cost, control quality.

Canature Owns:

       Independent government authorized R&D center and strong R&D team.

       Modern manufacturing facilities, the world’s only automatic Robot pressure tanks production line and automatic RO membrane production line.

       World-leading National 3rd party Physics and Chemistry Laboratory.

       More than 100 design and technology patents.

       Our Products awarded the “National Key New Products” by Chinese Government.

Canature Qualified Certificates:

       All products are qualified with RoHs standard.

       Canature pressure tanks have passed NSF and ACS,KTW and W270 certifications.

       Canature mutiport control valves, designed and produced independently have been certified by NSF, CE and ACS.

       Canature RO System and membranes have NSF 58 certificate.

       Canature’s entire plant has been certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 of quality and environmental guarantee.

Canature Focus on Manufacturing:

       Full Line Water Softener for residential, commercial and industrial application.

       Full Line Pressure tanks sizes from 0520 to 6386.

       Full Line control valves from 3000L/H to 20, 000L/H.

       Full Line RO system for residential and commercial application.

       Full Line RO membrane from 25GPD to 800GPD.

       Full Line brine tanks from 25L to 2000L.

       Full Line whole house carbon water filter.

All other related components, cartridges and media etc.

More about Canature: