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JKmatic and Chemsys partnership

Chemsys wants to present you a news in our product range.

We are very pleased with the new and successful partnership with the JKmatic brand.

From now Chemsys is official distributor of JKmatic products in Europe.

Product range includes Multi-valve System, Disc filter, Diaphragm Valve and Backwash valve.

JKmatic was established in 1994, it is devoted to researching and development of new products, new materials and new equipment in water treatment field. It is a high-tech company with products well known both domestically and internationally.

All products produced are world advanced technological products and developed basing upon the concept of energy saving and emission reduction.

JKmatic Disc Filter water consumption rate is reduced to 3-5‰, which is far lower than 8-15% of conventional filtration equipments.

JKmatic Multi-Valve System, in contrast to multitandem valve, is efficient on both brine and water usage enhancing saving rate of 30% to 50%.

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